Why Does My Cat Act Like A Canine?

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Cats aren’t all the time the aloof, disinterested felines they’re solid as in fashionable tradition. By: ilyessuti

Meet my cat, Boomer.

He’s your typical cat: He spends his days napping, chasing his sister, Lou, and absorbing the solar.

Boomer was adopted a couple of 12 months and a half in the past after what was presupposed to be a fast journey to the pet retailer to get a bag of cat meals. Because of an adoption occasion hosted by one of many feline rescues in our space, this journey to buy cat meals ended with a shocking twist — a brand new kitten.

Boomer Thinks He’s a Canine

Boomer has all the time been just a little completely different on the subject of typical cat conduct. He’s very hooked up whereas Lou tends to be extra aloof. Most of the time, Boomer might be discovered curled up subsequent me on the sofa, snuggled into my facet or on the foot of the mattress at evening and even following us round the home. He’s continually purring, nuzzling or attempting to lick our fingers whereas we pet him.

Late final summer time, Boomer’s conduct received just a little stranger when he developed an obsession with a string tied to a stick. He reacted very similar to you’d anticipate a cat to by leaping round the lounge with a grace and agility I didn’t know he possessed as he chased the string in circles, up and down the corridor and thru the kitchen.

Issues took a flip, nevertheless, when he lastly caught his prize. Reasonably than dropping it to start out the entire course of over once more, Boomer would maintain the top of the string in his mouth and pull till he was engaged in a recreation of tug-of-war.

As soon as the battle was gained, he can be so pleased with his accomplishments that he would showcase by dragging the string and stick throughout the home, meowing loudly till somebody would play with him once more. When he wasn’t enjoying with the string, he’d be looking out for somebody keen to play. If somebody a lot as walked in a 3-foot radius of the string, Boomer would seem out of nowhere and meow till his calls for had been met.

Along with his affectionate character and his new obsession with tug-of-war, Boomer began to remind me of a canine. It received me questioning: Why does he act this fashion, and do different individuals have related experiences with their pets?

Why Does My Cat Act Like a Canine? Image Picture Photo PNG JPG JPEG GIF All Size Format HD Free Download Latest Wallpaper Icon Logo High Resolution
Right here’s Boomer, the doggiest cat I’ve ever recognized. By: Petful/Katie Jenison

Cats Who Act Like Canine

Cartoons and storybooks might have made us consider cats and canine are mortal enemies, however you could be shocked to search out out the 2 species are extra alike than you’d suppose.

Some cat breeds, particularly, are recognized to exhibit dog-like behaviors. The most typical are Maine coons, Abyssinians, Turkish angoras and ragdolls. These are all breeds recognized to exhibit behaviors, like strolling on leashes, enjoying fetch and exhibiting indicators of attachment to their people.

The surroundings a cat grew up in may play an element of their conduct. When a cat lives in a family with a canine for companionship, the 2 species can turn out to be shut and develop an unlikely friendship. In some instances, although uncommon, the cat may even turn out to be confused about their very own species and mimic the behaviors of a canine.

Apart from breed traits and the off probability they’re confused about their species, one of the crucial frequent causes a cat may act like a canine is as a result of they’re hoping to get consideration — or, higher but, treats. Anybody who has skilled a cat attempting to buddy as much as them proper round dinnertime is aware of this to be true.

Take a look at this cat’s new trick:

Coaching Your Cat

Cats could also be mischievous and just a little bit distant, however they’re additionally clever creatures who might be educated to behave sure methods or to be taught tips.

Whereas cats aren’t inclined to all the identical coaching strategies you’d anticipate from a canine, one factor you’ll be able to rely on to all the time work is constructive reinforcement utilizing treats. With just a little apply and endurance, you’ll be able to have them leaping by way of hoops or performing in agility occasions very quickly.

The cat-person-versus-dog-person debate continues to be alive and kicking, but it surely’s refreshing to know it’s attainable to get one of the best of each worlds for these of us who don’t wish to decide a facet. On one facet, cats supply the playful, quirky qualities pet lovers crave. On the opposite, they provide the independence desired by many. It’s a win-win.

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This text was written by Katie Jenison. Katie is a contract author and espresso fanatic residing within the Midwest. Rising up on a small farm in rural North Dakota, ​Katie developed a love for animals of all sizes and styles. In her spare time, she might be discovered curled up with a guide and her 2 cats, Boomer and Lou,​ running a blog about her freelance experiences and ​spending time along with her household.


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