Trinity Pet Hospital become the Best Medical Center that cares to the Health and Appearance

The relationship between the human and the pet both dogs and cats is very close. They such as have a strong bond and can communicate with each other. You can prove it when you are sad or depressed, of course, they as if also feel what you feel. Then, they come and let you stroke them. Yeah, you know that stroking cats or dogs are able to reduce your stress. Sometimes, pets are very precious and the position is similar to the family member. Therefore, give them a good pet care and bring them to the Trinity pet hospital.

Trinity Pet Hospital brings Affordable Cost and High-Quality Services

Well, not only human needs a hospital but also a pet. Trinity pet hospital is the certain hospital for the pet which the best service at an affordable cost. This hospital has been establishing around 20 years. Dr. Kerolos buy the location in 2009 and then renovate it becomes one of the best pet hospitals in Orange County. Each doctor or nurse works with high quality and love to the pet including the client.

Trinity pet hospital is in 24861 Alicia Parkway, Suite D Laguna Hills, CA 92653, USA. It has the phone number in 949-768-1314 and fax: 949-768-5125. The hospital opens from Monday to Saturday with different operational time. You can bring your pet there on Monday from 07.00-18.00. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are from 08.00-18.00. Meanwhile, each Friday opens from 07.00-18.00 and on the Saturday 08.00-15.00. Remember that you cannot go to the hospital on Sunday because it closes.

Apparently, Trinity pet hospital also provides emergencies with contacts one of the places below :

  • Urgent care for animals in South Orange County
    Find the hospital in 28085 Hillcrest Mission Viejo, Ca 92692. Deal the number of 949 364 6228 or through the fax in 949 364 1730 if you need the staff coming.
  • Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group
    The address is in 31896 Plaza drive, suite c-1 San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675. Find them in 949 201 4100 and fax: 949 201 4101 too.

Why you must choose the Trinity pet hospital? It is because the hospital provides high-quality medications where they produce it with the latest trend in technology. They guarantee that the result is eco-friendly for you and your pet. In detail, below is the vision of the hospital :

  1. Provide high-quality medicines, compassion, and integrity.
  2. Provide the same pet care as ourselves.
  3. Have affordable pet health care costs.
  4. Provide education to pet owners so that they know how their pets are healthy.
  5. Prioritize the care of pets and clients

Besides contact by phone, fax, and come to the hospital directly, you can visit the website in You will know everything about what your pet necessary and how to get the care. By the way, Dr. Kerolos is the team where he graduates from Assiut University, Egypt in 1993. Then, he moved to Alabama for internship and went back again to California. Apparently, Dr. Kerolos has high interest in small animals, dermatologist, ultrasound, internal diseases, and soft tissues operations.

Another fact, this doctor in Trinity pet hospital has the interest toward pet since he was a child. He liked to pay attention to his uncle care their pet. He also likes to save a pet in the shelter and join the rescuers. For the monthly offering, this pet medical center accepts 15% from the test on May. Even though, the owner does not serve the unity of the offer. Nonetheless, it receives the client referral program. By bringing referrals, your pet can get free treatment. Enter your name as a reference on the form to get a $ 15 office visit to your account.

What makes you bring pets to Trinity Pet Hospital?

You may already give the best care for your cat or dog. However, everything can happen fast and unexpected. Suddenly, your pets stay away from you, no appetite, weak, and upset. Of course, you also will feel the same as though you can feel their pain. Do you not cry if you know the situation ? Instead, you have regarded them such as your children. Apparently, there are some serious diseases may attack pets such as :

  1. Rabies
    Rabies is a common disease affecting dogs from the rabies virus. The rabies virus is molecular which will only die if exposed to soapy water. Transmission can be due to the saliva of wild animals such as skunks, raccoons, and bats. Bringing pets to animal hospitals is the right preventive measure. Your pet can get a handler immediately or just get the vaccine before getting rabies. Not allowing your pet to be outside without supervision is also a good anticipation step.
  2. Toxoplasma
    The disease commonly assaults cats and it can transmit to humans. However, the transmission is not through the fur but the dirt. Getting a vaccine from Trinity pet hospital is a brilliant idea. Besides that, clean the place of cat litter, do not give raw meat, and bathe regularly.
  3. Ringworm
    Dogs and cats that are young are very susceptible to ringworm. This disease arises due to fungi and makes the skin scaly. Ringworm transmission can be through touching infected animals, animal blankets or towels, and also the land they use to defecate.
  4. Lyme disease
    Lyme disease can spread to humans through cat lice or pet dogs. When you have this disease, you may experience some symptoms. For example headaches, red rashes, fever, joint pain, or muscle aches. It turns out this disease can cause heart disease and nerve inflammation if it’s already in a chronic condition. Therefore, give the flea vaccine immediately.
  5. Psittacosis
    This is a disease that arises from bacterial infections from birds to humans. In general, transmission occurs through the air, such as when breathing near dried poultry droppings. In addition, it can also be when you are close to respiratory tract fluids that are infected. Psittacosis usually assaults macaws, parrots, cockatoos, and parakeets. Unfortunately, detecting this disease in birds is more difficult because they generally do not have any symptoms.

Well, those are the reasons to you bring your pets in Trinity pet hospital regularly. It avoids them to get some serious diseases and the staff will give many services to your pet. Okay, let’s do !

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