Tips to Get the Best Flooring for Dogs Pretty You Can Live Happily with Them

Dogs have become good mates for humans other than cats, for a long time. They have been human friends for thousands of years. Not only children but also adults like to play with them. Both men and women will not hesitate to let their pet to enter the house. Then, they take a bath until sleep together all night. The dog indeed is the smart animal which easies to understand the owner. Moreover, they often communicate and stare at each other for a long time. However, the dog or the other pets will not hesitate to damage the floor of your house. You have to think about this from now on. Look for the best flooring for dogs so that your home is saved from unexpected problems.

Avoid Some Floor Types to GetThe Best Flooring for Dogs

Imagine that you are playing with them but suddenly something happens. They run from outside with soil or dungs. Of course, that is so disgusting and it gives you a housework to clean it immediately. The accident can also occur when they spill their food or drink to the floor. On the hands, dogs are similar with cats that like scratching his nails. Yeah, that is so worst where it may give a permanent damage for your floor. Therefore, anticipate those problems before you regret. You have to find the best flooring for dogs soon pretty you and your pet keeps live happily.

Well, you may not be patient to know about the best flooring for dogs right now. This article, of course, will inform you about it. Even though, you should understand what the not appropriate floor type for them. The following is the floors which are not suitable for dogs and cats:

  • Carpet or Rug
    Having this floor is very comfortable and spoils your feet. It is warm and soft when you choose the rug from fur or rubber. Carpet is not suitable for people who live with their pet because it is easy to get dirt and scratch. Nevertheless, the worst part of the carpet floor is when you choose the furry style. It becomes the best place to leave their furs that need along to clean it.
  • Laminate Flooring
    Apparently, the laminate flooring is not the best flooring for dogs though some manufacturers have been trying to develop it. This floor type has a slippery texture that can make a dog have an accident. Your dog may get slip when they run to you for a meal. By the way, the old dog is susceptible to hip injury. Sometimes, the laminate floor is not waterproof so this floor can be curved if exposed to water.
  • Hardwood Flooring
    Hardwood floor design is eco-friendly, warm, and it has a beautiful natural look. This floor also needs quite a high cost to buy. However, you are better to avoid to choose it if you have dogs in your house. The dogs will be happy to find wood to sharpen their nails. Certainly, they are going to do to your floor too with pleasure. Of course, you do not want to see the permanent damage on your floor.
    Alongside that, the hardwood floor is easy to be dirt because of pee the dog or stain the bowl. These stains will absorb to the wood fiber and difficult to be clean. Even, the dog’s pee can cause a bad smell for a long time.

Things Must Pay Attention to Get the Best Flooringfor Dogs

At least, those are some floor types inappropriate for someone with their four-leg friends. You should think well to get the best flooring for dogs. Here are the things should pay attention to get the rightest floor for them:

  1. Resistance to scratches
  2. Resistance to damage
  3. Pet traction
  4. Pet comfort

Those points are important for the sake of both of you. Okay, your next step is to find the best flooring for dogs. Do not go from this page because you are going to get some options through this article. It recommends you some choices such as below:

  1. Bamboo Flooring Idea
    This floor design has a natural hardness that makes it more stain resistance and anti-scratch. Of course, bamboo flooring is better than the traditional wood material. It also has high durability and eco-friendly.
  2. Engineered hardwood Flooring Idea
    It is the exact choice for you who still want to use the wood material for your floor design. Choose the engineered hardwood floor which has the high score on the Janka test. You can choose it from the cherry wood or white oak wood material. By the way, the quality of the material is more difficult to get scratch.
  3. Cork Flooring Idea
    The cork floor design resembles the bamboo floor but it contains the natural antimicrobial material. The material will reduce the fungus growth and the other allergens. Alongside that, the characteristics of the cork floor are warm and limber. So, it is cozy for all feet both human and the animal step on it. It is also water resistant but this floor needs a bit treatment from the owner.
  4. Stone Tile Flooring Ideas
    Stone tile and tile floor are good ideas to be the best flooring for dogs. Besides, it is durable and anti-scratch, stone tile floor has easy to clean. So, you do not need to worry if they shed their food or get an accident. However, this floor has a cold surface which makes the foot get uncomfortable.
  5. Vinyl Flooring Ideas                                                                                                                                                                This last recommendation shows that the floor is more than what you need to prevent the damage from the claw. It is easy to clean, low allergen level, and calm underfoot.

Anything the type of the floor that you choose, everything is imperfect. You must care and make it long lasting. Firstly, you have to cut their nails and claws regularly to prevent their deep scratch. Then, clean their urine and the other accidents very soon. Put a small cloth or mat under their food bowl. Use mat in all doors to catch the grime. After that, give them a nice sleep pillow or mattress. It reduces their fur on the rug if you have it. Okay, those are the best flooring for dogs with some information. Hopefully, it inspires you to live peacefully with them.

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