Service Dog Vest with Pocket: A Sign that they are More Than the Usual Dogs and Do Not Distract Them

Dogs include the smart animal which has been helping many people’s activities. This mammal also has been being the loveliest animal besides cats and birds. They accompany the human’s life as the pet or the service dog. What is the service dog? Seemly, that term still sounds strange for the public people. The service dog has different duties from the usual dog pet. Besides that from the duties, they appear different with identity or vest. Service dog vest with pockets is the most common identity by them. When you see a dog with a vest, of course, that is not the usual dog.

The Characteristics of the Service Dog Vest with Pockets and High Quality

Service dogs still have the other names Service Animal, Therapy Dog, Emotional Support Animal, or Assistance Dog. They come with current skills after someone or an organization trains them to help people with disabilities. By using the service dog vest with pockets, they are expert to do some housework. For examples, pull their wheelchair, guide blind people, warn deaf people, protect seizures. The dog is also able to remind people with mental disorder to take prescribed medicines. Apparently, they give calming someone with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This disorder can occur due to anxiety attacks.

Once again, the service dog is not a pet dog but a working dog. Between dogs to the other, in fact, do not always have the same skill. The trainers usually shape them according to the people need or someone’s disability. On the other hands, the service dog has specific characteristics such as:

  • Good temperament or psychological (biddability or the ability to follow orders and the ability to be able to take part in training)
  • Good Health (stamina and physical structure)
  • Grow in a training or breeder environment. It does not rule out the possibility if the person who trained includes a person with disabilities.
  • Coming from a type dog Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd Dog, and Labrador Retriever / Golden Retriever.
  • Use service dog vest with pockets. Then, there is some information which signs that they are not the usual animal.

Generally, the people did not allow disturb or just strokes their body. Therefore, there are always some written such as “Do Not Distract” or “Do Not Pet”. You will read it clearly on the service dog vest with pockets and without the pocket. Why do people may not the stroke? This action will make the dog lose concentration during work. Besides those signs, the service animal also has various official letters to facilitate their access. For instance; the dog is able to board the aircraft cabin.

Service dog vest with pockets must havethe high quality where it cannot be hit. The vest makes the dog keep concentration during the work. If you are looking for the best vest, you need to choose the product with some features:

  1. Have a lightweight design
  2. Using 2 layers of nylon that are durable
  3. Heavy duty (with lightweight side release buckles)
  4. There is a zipper bag with rubber pull
  5. Have reflective strips for safety
  6. Easy to install
  7. How to Choose the Right Service Dog Vest with Pockets

It is essential to know to select the best service dog vest with pockets. Pay attention to body size of the dog before buy or order the vest. So, measure the dog first with the soft cloth tape measure. Measure around the rib cage with a full circle and do it with the dog standing. After measuring the dog, adjust to one of the following dimensions:

  1. Tiny: 13-16 inches (it is suitable for Maltese, Miniature Chihuahua, Silky Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, Papillon, and Toy Poodle.)
  2. Extra Small: 16-23 inches (King Cavalier Charles, Great Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Dachshund, Shih Tzu, and Schnauzer.)
  3. Small: 23-29 inches (Australian Shepherd, Beagle, Weimaraner, and German Shorthair)
  4. Medium: 29-35 inches (Dalmatian, American Staffordshire Terrier, Boxer, Pit Bull, and Golden Retriever)
  5. Large: 35-39 inches (Sheepdog, German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher, Labrador, and Rottweiler)
  6. Extra Large: 39-45 inches (Bernese Mountain Dog, Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, Mastiff, and Saint Bernard)

Okay, you have known what the right size for your service dog. Then, you go on the color option where many companies provide the vest with various colors. You may choose the dog vest in red, blue, green, orange, or black. After you get what you need, it is time know about the treatment. Apparently, it is not difficult to do where you quite wash it by hand. Then, hang it until the vest is truly dry.

By the way, where you can buy the service dog vests with pockets? Do not worry because there is numerous online and offline dog vest right now. You can open the website of SitStay, Etsy,,, and so on. Those websites come with various online services. Here, the article will take an example from https// It has some icons from About, Working Dogs, Vests, Nutrition, Gear, Blog, and Search. established in 1995 and become the best service dog trainer and the accessories. This company, apparently, is also the pioneer of the online store for this field. When you open this website, start from the icon “About” first. It informs you all about the company which stays in the US. Next, move to the “Working Dogs” where it shows some products that are suitable to the dog’s type. As your information, there are five categories such as the “Service Dogs”, “Eye Dog”,“Therapy Dogs”, “K9 Police”, and “Emotional Support Dogs”.

In the icon “Vest”, you can find some vest types, patch, ID card, and accessories. Here, you free to choose the service dog vest with pockets in net, cape, or classic style. Meanwhile, the “Nutrition” contains about the health and treatment. Lastly, you are going to find “Gear” that load about the beds, leashes, toys, and collar& more. Okay, that is a little bit information about the vests for the service dog. Once more, do not touch the dogs which use vest like this. They are on duty and they need concentration. You can share it to people who need it around you if you do not need it. Well, the share is beautiful.

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