Miss Maggie Moose was deserted by her mom, however Leo made positive she wasn’t alone.


The Lugdon household of Wallagrass, ME, were built with a shock customer final week, one that glued fairly nicely using their canine, Leo.

Shannon Lugdon operates Lugdon Lodge, an journey camp, and observed a moose calf on her behalf property. She named the small feminine Maggie, however was recommended by wardens to go away her alone for twenty-four hrs, as typically mother moose will wander and go back to her offspring.

Alas, mother in no way came again.

The following morning, Lugdon went looking for Maggie and her canine, Leo, discovered her shortly.

“I let Leo to do his enterprise and that he walked proper over and Miss Maggie and Leo switched quick buddies,” Lugdon authored inside a Facebook submit. “You may’t consider how affectionate she was.”

Child Maggie was finally selected up with a biologist and introduced towards the Maine Wildlife Park, however not sooner than getting fun having a “milkshake” (a vet instructed Lugdon to give her some Lactaid) and snuggle time with Leo and the rest of the Lugdon household.

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