Low-Cost Pet Vaccination San Antonio Makes Your Lovely Animal Always Cheerful and Healthy

Not only human but also pets need a vaccine to strengthen their immune system. Even though, the type of the vaccine is surely different between for pet and human. Why does the pet need it ? It is because the pets such as cats, dogs, and also birds risk getting some diseases. The animal diseases which common assault them are rabies, toxoplasma, ringworms, and so on. It turns out those illnesses quite dangerous for the animal even it can cause death. By the way, the low-cost pet vaccination San Antonio  provides lots of vaccines for the various animals.

Choose One of the Stores of Low-Cost Pet Vaccination San Antonio

There are numerous areas in San Antonio which provide vaccine for pets. Low-cost pet vaccination in San Antonio consists of :


  • Penny Paws Low-Cost Pet Vaccinations
    The address is in 10330 Kotzebue St, San Antonio, TX 78217, United States. It opens each Saturday from 09.00-17.00 with the phone number of +1 817-993-1234.
  • Pet Vaccination Clinic
    The location of the Pet Vaccination Clinic is in 1531, 1010 SW Military Dr. San Antonio, TX 78221, United States. Contact the store in +1 210-923-5721 and opens every day except on Sunday. Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday open from 08.00-17.30. Meanwhile, the store opens from 09.00-13.00 on Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Pet Shotz
    The location is in 210 Tuleta Dr # 3, San Antonio, TX 78212, the United States with the phone number of +1 210-735-1004. The open days are from Monday to Friday at 09.00-17.00 and on Saturday at 09.00-13.00. Meanwhile, the store closes on Sunday.
  • Mobile Petcare Clinic
  • It stands in 4927 Golden Quail, San Antonio, TX 78240, United States. The phone number is +1 210-690-3799. It opens on Saturday at 12.00-17.00 and Sunday at 11.00-14.30.
  • Vanguard Veterinary Clinic
  • By the way one of the low-cost pet vaccinations San Antonio consists of some location. Firstly, you may visit it in 2815 N Loop 1604 E, Suite 105 San Antonio, TX 78232. It has the phone numbers of 210-653-3660 and fax:210-599-9119. Then, there is Vanguard Veterinary @ Potranco in 10730 Potranco Rd., Suite 119 San Antonio, TX 78251. The phone number is 210-310-3609 and the fax is 210-314-3558. However, this pet care also opens the new store, recently. The name is Vanguard Veterinary Clinic @ Cypress. It has addressed in 26345 Northwest Freeway Cypress, Texas 77429. You can call it by phone in 346-207-0001 and fax in 346-207-0002.

What Low-Cost Pet Vaccination San Antonio provide to you ?

It is normal when you or someone asking about what the pet care give to the pet. You surely want to give the best care for your pets which has become a life partner and family member. The low-cost pet vaccination San Antonio keep sells the best product for the customers. Before you know about the type of vaccines from those clinics, let’s perceive about the pet’s vaccination :

  1. The vaccine is antigenic material modified by parts of the virus or bacteria. In addition, the vaccine can come from microorganisms that have gone through a weakening process.
  2. The purpose of the vaccination is to provide immunological immunity to pets to have a good body defense against infectious disease agents (immunity).
  3. Vaccines that are already on the market must undergo a series of clinical trials in terms of quality and quantity. The aim is to ensure that the vaccine is safe, protective, and effective in preventing disease.
  4. The ingredients of the vaccine are antigens that cause the immune system to respond by providing protection to the body in the form of antibodies. Then from memory cells and produce antibodies when there is a specific disease in the body. These reactions will appear when given in the form of nasal, oral, or injection.
  5. Animals that will get the vaccine must meet certain conditions. The animal must be healthy, normal body temperature, no diarrhea, good appetite, no sneezing, no coughing, no infection, and so on. It is important for the animal to do not have the worm.
  6. The right time for kittens and dogs is 8-9 weeks. Then it can be given again after the age of 12 months to 3 years.
  7. Don’t bathe animals that have just received a vaccine for 1 week. This can reduce the body’s resistance, trigger stress, and inhibit the formation of antibodies
  8. Give vitamins for 10 days after vaccination.
  9. There are almost no side effects after vaccine administration. The most common reactions occur in the form of pain or swelling at the injection site, fever, weakness, and decreased appetite. However, this will only happen for a few hours or a few days.

Okay, it is time to return to the low-cost pet vaccination San Antonio again. There are various kinds of vaccines for dogs and cats. If you really entrust one of these pet care, you can open their website. Each pet care above has provided a website number so that everyone can browse it anytime. Besides some vaccines, you are going to know much information. It is such as the online pet medicine, products, manages repeat orders, and promotion.

How to pay at the low-cost pet vaccination, San Antonio ? As one of the easiness or the facilities from the store, they accept the payment in three ways. You can get the vaccine after paying by cash, credit card, or through iCare Financial. By the way, that is one of the examples from the pennypaws.com. Therefore, you better keep pay attention to the other websites in San Antonio.

Well, visitor opens the website of the low-cost pet vaccination, San Antonio, soon. This way is better to know the product more detail and the cost. Yeah, you know that the official website always gives the most accurate cost. Each website usually has one person behind that operate it. They must update it every day to renew the information.

Now, trust your pet to the low-cost pet vaccination, San Antonio! Care your pets properly from the food until the vaccination. Giving them vaccine is the form of your love toward the pet. By vaccine, you will see the dogs and or cats always cheerful and exciting. Prove it !

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