Katy Perry praises assistant who saved her tiny canine’s life: “You’re a gosh-darn American hero!”

Perry was away once the incident happened. She was supremely grateful Tamra was there some thing quick.


Supporters and supporters of pop singer Katy Perry know she adores her micro-small dog, Nugget.

Nugget, we now have discovered, remains alive at the moment because of Perry’s assitant, Tamra, who used medical information gleaned in the Dodo!

Perry reported on her behalf Instagram Story that Nugget had apparently leaped up contributing to and instantly “turned unresponsive,” per Tamra – so she acted quick, administering light CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation strategies around the itty-bitty pup.

“I pressed on her behalf little chest and that i blew in her own mouth and that i introduced her again to existence,” Tamra explains.

“Tamra, you’re quite the hero! You’re a jeeze-darn American hero!” Katy announced. “You blew in her own mouth?…The place’d you be trained that?”

“On The Dodo,” Tamra mentioned. “From a guy who saved a squirrel!”

Perry furthermore published an image of Nugget in restoration, sporting a small pink forged on her behalf entrance leg.

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