Here’s Why You Need To Adopt a dog-friendly Office Policy

Are you currently your dog person or cat person?

Everyone has an individual favourite as it pertains adopting a dog. Who doesn’t love cuddling to some dog or petting the cat?


However, if you’re wondering so how exactly does it matter with regards to your professional existence, well it will.

Pet-friendly offices would be the new fad among Indian startups in which employees may either obtain pet to operate or even the office collaboratively adopts a dog.

So, we at Entrepreneur India discussed this latest trend with pet-friendly startups to understand brought these to adopt this insurance policy and just how has it benefitted the work they do atmosphere.

New Dimension

While quietly, a couple of years back, certainly one of Chaayos employees introduced her golden retriever – Fido to operate. Initially, there is some hesitation among its employees, however, moments later people got familiar with Fido. This is exactly what motivated Chaayos to consider your pet-friend policy.

Nitin Saluja, Founder and Chief executive officer, Chaayos feels pets motivate people although it creating balance work-play culture by having an emotional touch. After finishing something demanding, spending a couple of minutes with Fido, Milo, Nawab or Diana (Dogs at Chaayos) helps its employees relax and work more proficiently.

“Pets are causes of positive emotion, as well as their presence helps everybody remember and workout positivity, whatever the stress from the situation. Any organisation that enables pets is more prone to have more happy employees. Pets let employees engage more with one another despite finding yourself in different teams and streams,” he shared while adding that, “Such engagement results in constructive conduct among peers. This turns into a pull for prospective employees who value this kind of atmosphere helping them burglary rapidly. More than a lengthy period, this provides the organisation an infinitely more open culture, where workers are more engaged, less stressed, and also have strong interpersonal relationships.”

The Magical Factor

Chitra Das began Champs Fleur together with her pet Bindu, who presently may be the Chief Cuddle Officer from the startup.

She shares, “Apart in the care and love she provides me with, she’s also trained us a lot and that i desired to have her with my team as our very own lucky charm. As our focus is much more around the product and inventive aspect, we don’t be put off by using her among our favourite models. Also, once we need her star power, she’s never afraid to strike a pose for the supporters.”

In addition, Das has began to note employees arriving early work to be able to take the time with Bindu and space feels a lot more like a homily.

“Having a dog eases the entire working process as well as adds a feeling of possession. There is a certain synergy pet provide they, and educate us how happiness could be in spontaneous moments. We discover ourselves laughing and therefore are in constant awe of Bindu, she aids in our brainstorming solutions and inventive idea building,” she added.

Stress Busters

For ScoopWhoop it started like a gesture to assist stray creatures and therefore, the internet content startup made the decision to aid all of them with shelter, food, company. This in exchange switched out to become a great stress buster because of its employees.

Sriparna Tikekar Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer, ScoopWhoop states, “Our army of 4-legged buddies function as great stress busters and gaming buddies to the employees. Getting pets around encourages individuals to take short breaks to experience together and it is rejuvenating, especially on the busy day which will help employees to become more lucrative.”

Furthermore, Tikekar feels within our busy lives where our physical and mental work-existence imbalance may cause serious health problems, pets alter the atmosphere with the addition of value and nurture productivity because they are known to possess a calming impact on people.

“Dogs assist in developing a friendly and cohesive atmosphere because they are best conversation starters and obtain people together despite difference. Even experts worldwide have started to encourage this, because it improves mental health problems,” she added.

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