Good Cat Food : The Best Dry Cat Food for Their Health and Spoil Behaviors

Tell ! What does an animal with a cute face, soft fur, four legs, and triangle-shaped ears ? Once more, most people love it and they often make it as their friend. Yeah, the cat is the answer for the guess above. Many people let it enter their house even their bedroom. They ask their cat to sleep together and share food. Sometimes, people care to this cute pet such as a baby and maybe it takes more expensive cost than a baby. They are willing to give some treatments from grooming until the health. Seemly, the people want to do anything for them including the good cat food.

These Facts prove that The Cats deserve to get Good Cat Food and Care

Absolutely, the cat is very animals that are very spoiled just like dogs. They like they like to meow and wander around our feet. Obvious, the action signs that they consider you as their own. Moreover, you like to feed them with the best dry food such as the Good Cat Food. Well, here are some facts about the cat that you must understand

  1. Pet cats have an inner bond with their owners
  2. Cats have 5 times more spine than humans, which are 30 segments
  3. Cats have 230 times more bones than humans, 30 segments
  4. Cats are able to pass a gap the size of their head because they don’t have collarbone.
  5. Cats are animals that like cleanliness.
  6. Cats need taurine to prevent blindness and this substance is in the food
  7. Cats spend most of their lives sleeping
  8. Cats can find out the change in the mood of the owner
  9. Cats are the most popular pet
  10. Cat’s tail has a function as balance

Actually, there are more than 10 facts about cats that need to be known. On the other hands, some people consider the cat as the bad animal. It has toxoplasma causing some diseases for the human. They think that this nocturnal animal causes a hydrocephalus, allergies, to infertility for women. However, several researchers show new facts about primarily for the pet cat which get the good cat food every day. The cat is the animal that cleaner than human and below is the evidence:

  • The cats reject bacterial eggs from the muscles on the skin. Apparently, the muscles are able to adjust to the touch of human muscles.
  • Cat’s tongue has many small, pointed bumps like a saw. The functions are to clean their skin and drink water without the drop. A rough bump on the cat’s tongue gives a rough effect. So, itis able to lift dead hairs on the skin.
  • Results from various studies suggest that cat’s outer skin has no germs.
  • Cat saliva is also clean and free of harmful germs. There are only ordinary germs that are also present in humans such as Enterobacter, streptococcus, and Staphylococcus.
  • Cats are free of bacteria because these animals do not like water. Water is a fertile place for bacterial growth.
  • Cat snoring has a frequency of 50 Hz which is good for human heart health.
  • Melting and playing with cats can relieve stress on someone.
  • Again, cat’s fur is clean and does not cause asthma.
  • Toxoplasma is only found in cat feces and urine, not on the fur.

As it turns out, so far many have misjudged cats. Meanwhile, the transmission of Toxoplasma parasite can be through:

  1. Foods are such as meat and vegetable that is contaminated with parasites. They usually are not washed first or are not fully cooked.
  2. There is an infection in the baby’s placenta while in the womb.
  3. Organ and or blood donors contain Toxoplasma.

Toxoplasma can attack anyone both male and female. In addition to cats, there are other types of mammals and poultry that can also contain these parasites. Then, how to prevent this parasite if the people want to keep close to their cat:

  1. Provide a special place and sand to pup and urinate. Then replace the sand and clean it every day. Clean using clean water and use a safety device. For example gloves, masks, and shoes. Then take a shower and change clothes after finishing cleaning.
  2. Train the cat to defecate and urinate in its place.
  3. Wash hand after play with the cat and each time to the meal using handsoap and running water.
  4. Give cat food that is healthy and nutritious like Good Cat Food. Giving special food will make your cat don’t hunt rats, cockroaches, flies, birds, lizards, and others. The eating game like that can invite the toxoplasma parasite.
  5. Cook meat for cats first, especially for intestines, intestines, milk, and bones.
  6. Avoid cooking half-cooked or raw meat.
  7. Wash vegetables and fruits before consumption.
  8. Pregnant women do not need to clean the cage and cat pub place.
  9. Pregnant women need to do blood tests to find out the presence of Toxoplasma. This examination also facilitates the treatment process if there is this parasite.

Give the Cat with Good Cat Food Brands

The cat matches with dry food such as the Good Cat Food indeed. Nonetheless, it does not mean that there is no the proper wet food for cats. As your information, this brand is the cat’s food for all ages in the form of a donut. It has some nutrients and formulation to fulfill the necessity of your cat. These are the composition of the dry cat food from the brand:

  1. Corn
  2. Soybean meal
  3. Cassava
  4. Corn gluten meal
  5. Poultry by meal mineral
  6. Wheat Bran
  7. Taurine
  8. Tuna
  9. Vitamin
  10. Antioxidants
  11. Dl-methionine

Then, Good Cat Food analysis is:

  • It contains the crude protein minimum 27.0 %
  • The Good Cat Food has the crude fat min. 9.0 %
  • It also contains the crude fiber max 4.0 %
  • The Good Cat Food owns the moisture max. 10.0 %

So, there is no reason to hate and muff the cat again. Take and give them this Good Cat Food in order to see they grow well. Your cat will be healthier, agile, cheerful, and adorable. It must be very nice to see the state of your cat that is healthy and acting in a silly way. Who won’t be entertained by the cuteness ?

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