Choosing the right and Healthy Foods in Pet Depot for your Lovely Animals

In the pet depot or, you can spoil your lovely animals. The pets are not only cats and dogs but also the others such as fishes, birds and small animals. Of course, this online shop becomes the paradise of the pet. Lots of famous food brands such as AvŎDerm, BLUE, CANIDAE, ELEVATE, Farmina, Signature, Natural Balance, and the rest. Those brands appear with wet and dry food type. Additionally, you will find toys, garbage and odor controllers, aquarium, kit, and etc.

Pet Depot provides many things for Pets

The pet depot online store is the trademark of Federal Labrador II, Inc. The company uses the license of Labrador Franchises, Inc. and the franchises in the US, Canada, and the other countries. When you need help, you quite call the phone number in 626-355-0469 or Fill the blank in the icon “Contact Us”. How about the price policy? This depot owns two cost classifications is that online cost and retail cost. The Prices for online purchases turned out to be cheaper than retail stores because this system uses robots. Meanwhile, retail stores need human resources to process transactions.

Sometimes, people are often difficult to buy food for their pet primarily for dogs and cats. It is because both mammals have two kinds of foods are that dry and wet. The dry food is such as junk food for human and their nature is wet food. Even though, the wet food often gives case relates to the storage system. Whatever happens, you should not only give one type of food. Give both of them in turn so that your pet doesn’t get bored. Meanwhile, the pet depot has both coming from the high-quality brands.


Actually, there are advantages and disadvantages behind these two types of food. Before you decide to buy one at Pet Depot, it is a good idea to listen to the following information:

  1. The Advantageous of Wet Food for Cats and Dogs
    • Has healthier composition with more carbohydrate, fat, and protein.
    • Has 78% water content that will meet the water needs of the cat’s body.
    • Has a design similar to wild cat food.
    • Has an airtight packaging so it is more durable.
    • Has a sharper and more delicious aroma
    • Restore appetite
    • Suitable for cats with kidney disorders
    • Reducing the risk of urinary tract disease
    • Strengthen bones and muscles
  2. Disadvantageous of Wet Food for Cats and Dogs
    • Wet food is slightly more expensive than dry food.
    • It is easy to damage if wrong in storage.
    • It takes time to switch from wet to dry food.
    • Its soft texture is even less good for dental health.
    • The rest of the food attached to the teeth can cause tartar and plaque.
    • Food that has long been opened is no longer interesting.
  3. The Advantageous of Dry Food for Cats and Dogs
    • Have a long period of time.
    • Easier to save.
    • Good for dental health because dry food does not stick between the teeth.
    • Cheaper price.
    • Durable
    • Keep attracting attention even if it is open for a long time
    • Some add vitamins C and E
  4. Disadvantageous of Dry Food for cats and dogs
    • Contains enough carbohydrates and a little protein.
    • Only contains 10% water content.
    • This type of food has undergone a cooking process and then dried. Then add fat to make it taste better.
    • Usually, there are additional preservatives in it.
    • Some dry food products contain too many carbohydrates.
    • Absorption of nutrients is not optimal because it is difficult to digest.
    • Not suitable for cats with kidney and urinary tract diseases.

Well, those are the advantages and disadvantageous of wet food and dry food. Nowadays, you can choose the food that you think it is good for them. Go to pet depot soon and get the food! By the way, the following are the brands of the animal’s foods:

  1. Dog’s Food in Pet Depot
    a). AvŎDerm: $ 2,09-$ 10,99
    b). BLUE: $ 15,99
    c). BLUE WILDERNESS: $ 16,99
    d). Greenies: $ 6,99
    e). CHUNKY: $ 2,99
    f). Merrick: $ 2,99
    g). Natural Balance: $ 1,79-$ 2,19
    h). Tuckers: $ 28,99
    i). Redbarn: $ 4,99
     j). Instinct: $ 6,99
        k). PINNACLE: $ 32,99-$ 59,99
  2. Cat’s Food and odor control
     a). Nature’s Miracle (Urine Destroyer): $ 6,99
     b). AvŎDerm: $ 1,09-$ 1,99
     c). Royal Canin: $ 25,99
  3. Fish’s Food in Pet Depot
    a). Aqueon Tropical Flakes: $ 5,99
  4. Bird’s Food

As your information, the pet depot has a service to you if you want to ask or order. The store asks your name, email, and other identities. Actually, what does the store collect for customers’ personal data? Nevertheless, you do not need to worry in case the personal identity. The store or the company guarantees the security and confidentiality of your data. So, you do not need to worry if your identity will leak to irresponsible parties. As part of the best service from the store, you will get detailed instructions if you want to unsubscribe. You can see it at the bottom of each email.

The last discussion is about the shipping and return. There are some rules relate to the shipping and return. Shipping costs depend on the weight of the goods and the packing box. This store provides free shipping for prices above $ 49. This promo also applies to items with a maximum weight of 50lbs. However, the free postage promo is also not free from the terms and conditions to apply. These terms and conditions can change at any time depending on company policy.

Pet depot also receives returns if there is a mistake from the company. To make a refund, you must enter the website and go to “My Account”. Then, click “Order” and click “Order ID”. Click the “Refund&Request Replacement” link. You do this process after selecting the product you want to return. After that, the shop representative will send a confirmation e-mail message. The refund waiting time can be up to 10 days. While the distance between returns is a maximum of 30 days after the item arrives. Okay, that is information about the best pet shop. If you need more information, just click the website.

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