Bass Cat Boat Manufacturer : Fun Way to Play on Water

Playing water is the most exciting game for everyone both children and adult. Even though, the type of the game is certainly different for both. Children will play water in the backyard or in the waterpark. They are swimming, slide, water gun, and so on. Actually, adults also like to do those activities except the gun. Nevertheless, it looks usual sometimes and less of the challenge. In fact, some people like doing more than that. Now, try to swim, free dive, scuba dive, snorkeling, surfing, water ski, rafting, etc. When you plan to be such as them, Bass Cat Company has been ready to realize your desire.

Bass Cat Company commits to be The Best Boat Manufacturer

What is Bass Cat ? It is a boat manufacturer from 754 Co Rd 12 Midway, AR 72651. The company eases you to get your boat online. So, you do not need to go to the address above in case you are from the far place. Quote open the website and the several famous boats brand welcome you soon. Yeah, everybody uses internet recently to communicate and business. Definitely, it is not difficult to find the site and making a transaction.

Bass Cat builds the commitment since in 1971 to be the best boat manufacturer in the world. Due to the commitment, the company has got many awards about the customer satisfaction. For the company, their satisfaction is very important so that they will be the loyal customers. As the best manufacture, there is no one has been able to compete. It is because the company always does research to find the new material and the construction process. Therefore, it always produces a new perfect model starting from the hidden troll motor pedal.

The employees work with their heart and serious to produce boat properly and survived on the water for years. By the way, what are kind of boats for sale? On your website screen, you can get it through the icon after “Home”. Well, below are the types of the boat that you will see after clicking the icon:

  1. Jaguar
    Jaguar includes the iconic model which has the current class. It comes for the people who look for the best boat. Here is the feature of the Jaguar boat which you should know:
    • Length: 21’5″
    • Min Storage Length:26’5″
    • W/Swing Away Tongue: 23’9″
    • Beam: 94+”
    • Approx Boat Weight: 2150lbs
    • Fuel Capacity: 53 gallons
    • Max H.P. Range: 250-400
    • The Main Bass Rig
    • Deck space loads for 2-4 people
    • Big Storage
    • Engine Performance from 250HP-400HP
    The advantages of using Jaguar from Bass Cat boat:
    • The installation of trolling motor pedal basin is adjustable
    • It has dual center storage boxes such as ruler box and net box
    • It has scissor storage trays with additional room to tackle underneath
    • There is 8′ bar box with organizer and day box tray
    • Certain helmet box adjoin to the 34qt deck step cooler
    • Ramp to open up the 7′ passenger rod box
    • Fold flat or removable rear to access the door
  2. Lynx
    The next Bass Cat for sale is Lynx with some specs below:
    • Length: 20’8″
    • Min Storage Length: 25’8″
    • W/Swing Away Tongue: 23’2″
    • Beam: 96″
    • Std. Boat Weight: 1900 lbs
    • Fuel capacity: 52 Gal
    • Max HP Range: 250-350
    The advantageous of choosing Lynx:
    • It has recessed LED dock lights with high intensity.
    • It offers an adjustable trolling motor pedal basin installation
    • Integrated day box in front starboard compartment
    • Off-center rod box completes built-in tackle storage
    • Integrated clean slipover in the starboard storage box
    • Dual coolers – bench and deck step
    • XL BCB triangle live-wells with starboard storage or large port
    • Removable rear or fold flat access door
  3. Puma FTD
    Bass Cat manufacturing becomes Puma FTD as one of the most well-known models in the premium category. This boat incorporates a front deck to be a nimble platform where it is large enough for team anglers to work adjoins. Well, here is the specification of Puma FTD:
    • Length: 20’4″
    • Min Storage Length: 25’6″
    • W/Swing Away Tongue: 23’0″
    • Beam: 94″
    • Approx Boat Weight: 1825 lbs.
    • Fuel Capacity: 52 gals.
    • Max H.P. Range: 200-300
    Next, there is the layout of Puma FTD from Bass Cat:
    • Tournament fisherman’s dream package
    • A lot of storages to save all the fishing tools
    • Integrated and easy access net storage
    • All out performance has a soft ride
  4. Cougar FTD
    The Cougar FTD (Full Team Deck) has good efficiency and performance in Bass Cat. The latest design had added a couple inches to the beam to make the perfect platform. Now, it has been a solid performer and becomes the tournament predator in 2018 and beyond. These are the specifications of Cougar FTD:
    • Length: 20’4″
    • Min Storage Length: 25’6″
    • W/Swing Away Tongue: 23’0″
    • Beam: 94″
    • Approx Boat Weight: 1805lbs
    • Fuel Capacity: 52gal (Special Package with 36gal std)
    • Max H.P. Range: 200-300
    Furthermore, here is the layout of the Cougar FTD:
    • It comes with the perfect team competition layout
    • There are the large storage areas in the front deck
    • Enclosed day box for access to small things easy
    • There are twin rod boxes hold 8-foot rods
  5. Eyra
    The Eyra is absolutely a work of art and the quickest reacting hull. It has earned awards with styling which is quite unconventional. Below is the specification of the Eyra:
    • Length: 20’2″
    • Min Storage Length: 25’0″
    • W/Swing Away Tongue: 22’5″
    • Beam: 94″
    • Approx Boat Weight: 1715lbs
    • * Fuel Capacity: 52 gallons
    • Max H.P. Range: 200-300
    • Most nimble of the class (20 foot)
    • The front lids with Coffin-style give and easy access to tackle
    • Runs well with various engines from 200 until 300 horsepower
  6. Caracal
    The Caracal name is a heritage name is what being preserve drawing a new base to the Bass Cat name. Below is the specification of the Caracal:
    • Length: 19’8″
    • Min Storage Length: 24’8″
    • W/Swing Away Tongue: 21’10”
    • Beam: 96″
    • Approx Boat Weight: 1725lbs
    • * Fuel Capacity: 43 gallons
    • Max H.P. Range: 200-225
    • Wide front deck with huge storage space underneath
    • Center-line rod box
    • Net scabbard on deck to get fast access
    • It has multiple gas tank options from 43 – 59 gallon

Alright, those Bass Cat boats include in the premium category. Meanwhile, there is Advantage (Pantera II and Sabre FTD) and Vision (Pantera Classic, Margay, and Custom Trailer). Let’s open the website, see, choose, buy, and use. Enjoy your water activity soon !

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